We will answer any questions about KONA MOBILITY's products and services

The website of KONA MOBILITY developers supports to directly apply or
test the preferred device (smart phone, automobile, or IoT devices, etc.)
firmware update by utilizing OTA client, UA solution and cloud OTA demo server of KONA MOBILITY.

* Please refer to KONA MOBILITY developers website for device information to be applied with demo and more details.

Provided contents

  • OTA test client SDK/device potting guide
  • DE tool download/user manual download
  • UA test SDK/device potting guide
  • Cloud OTA demo server/ user manual

Developer Center Using Procedures

  • Apply for creating the account
    in the main screen of KONA MOBILITY developer website

  • Access to the website after
    collecting the test account
    via email

  • Apply KONA MOBILITY solution
    by utilizing SDK provided to
    possessed device

  • Test in connection of device
    with Cloud OTA demo server

Please inquire to to apply KONA MOBILITY OTA to the real service

Shortcut to Developer Center