KONA MOBILITY makes it feasible to safely manage and maintain the best conditions of
various connected devices with international standard specifications, OMA DM,
update technology FOTA, and IoT management solution.

About Automotive Telematics image

Automotive telemacs is a compound of Telecommunication and Informatics as an automotive wireless Internet service that combines automotives and wireless communication.
With combination of communication and automotive, it is available to provide direction, function for detecting robbery of automotive, or traffic information to drivers on a real-time basis in the use of telecommunication network, and drivers are able to more conveniently process various works including the electronic commercial transactions, monetary transactions, or transmission of fax or email at any place.

Telematics technology of KONA MOBILITY makes it feasible to provide various functions such as remote control, safety or security, automotive management, and direction to customers.
Automotive does not mean physical space any more but rather a device connecting various situations and services in multiple dimensions.
Combination of automotive and wireless communication is technology to contribute to overcome spatial restrictions of humans and expand the horizon of life experiences.

When automotive becomes a smart device to completely move on a network in the future, there is a high chance for current telematics technology to be re-evaluated.